Family Photography

Every family has a story, let us tell yours!

Our Family Photography is the ideal way of capturing moments in time and turning them into memories you can share for a lifetime. Let us capture them for you!

Families continually grow and change, and photos are a wonderful way to return to a moment that is otherwise gone or forgotten. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 

Our sessions are fun & friendly

We’ve designed our family photography sessions so they’re fun and stress free so we can capture REAL, authentic and candid moments. We want you to be YOU! There will be absolutely no lame posing or awkward moments. But I can guarantee lots of laughter, twirling, hugs and kisses!

Worried about the pressure of everyone behaving the way you’d like them to on the day?  Well, please don’t!!!  We are fun and friendly and have heaps of experience working with children, animals, and even grown-ups! We can turn even the most determined frown upside down!

Photos will be taken in a variety of combinations such as the whole family, just the kids, mum with the kids, dad with the kids, kids individually, etc. We have a vast selection of backgrounds and props, dresses and clothes to wear. 

After your session, we will arrange a time for a design and ordering appointment where you get to view your images for the first time and our Design Consultant will help you create the perfect artwork for your home.

At Laura Ridley, we believe “Photography” has MAGICAL abilities. A single photograph has the power to take us back in time and experience a memory like it was yesterday.

Memories that at the time seem insignificant, but grow more priceless as each and every day passes.

Our mission is to share the magic of Photography with as many Families as possible.

Which is why we have put together a Laura Ridley Photography Family Portrait experience which includes:

Don’t miss out! Book NOW for your chance to capture some beautiful portraits with your family.

Let’s create AMAZING memories your family will never forget.