Baby Shower Game Ideas

A Baby Shower is one of those -must-do’s (especially for first time Mums!) and can be an amazing way to spend time with friends and family, enjoying those last moments ‘alone’. Baby Shower games are part of the fun and if you’re after something to get the group giggling consider adding my favourite games to your list:

Play-Doh Babies

Give everyone a few different colored blobs of Play Doh. They then have 15 minutes to create the cutest baby they can. For more fun, lay out some pencils, plastic knives and toys that’ll help them get creative. Mama selects the winner!

How Big is Mummy’s Tummy?

Using bits of string, have your guests cut the length they think is the size of your bump. Hold each one around mummy’s tummy to find the closest match and that one is the winner!

Late Night Nappy Notes

Buy a mega box of diapers. Have guests write funny quotes, words of encouragement, inside jokesโ€”anything!โ€”on the back of the diapers. (Permanent marker is just fine and won’t bleed through to Baby’s bum, don’t worry!)

Some neat/crazy ideas from pinterest..