Tips For An Amazing Outdoor Shoot

While we absolutely love doing photography sessions with clients in our studio, there is definitely a gorgeous vibe that comes with outdoor shoots! Different families will be drawn to different photography styles, which is why we so value our pre-session consultation times with you – so we can get to know you and find out where you would most love having your photos taken.

Some things to consider

What kind of family are you? Do you love getting outside as much as you can? Do your kids love running around? Also think about what kind of tones you’d like to see in your photos – depending on where we shoot, your photos may have a lovely green background from grass, trees and bushes, pale blues and light greys and browns from the beach, or in autumn, lovely dark reds and burnt oranges. Consider where your family artwork may be displayed in your home – what tones would look good where?

So, you’ve fallen in love with the idea of an outdoor shoot. Yay! There is such a unique magic that happens when shooting outdoors. We prefer to shoot during the “golden hour” (an hour before and after sunset) for the most flattering lighting and colours. This time of year is a really great time to do this kind of shoot with kids because sunset isn’t too late! If needed, we can also shoot slightly earlier, as long as there isn’t harsh overhead direct sunlight (trust us – this lighting isn’t good for anyone!).

So… here are some tips!

Think about clothing as a collective – and aim for complementary tones and colours rather than matching. Avoid vivid patterns and giant logos or words if possible.

Try and make sure your children have been fed before arriving. They can focus better on having fun if they aren’t hungry! It’s also a good idea to bring snacks (and wet wipes!).

Bring a blanket or mat to sit on – ideally something without a pattern and not too bright so that it won’t distract from your lovely faces!

Dress comfortably. When shooting outdoors, it’s likely that we’ll do a bit of sitting, so something that you can get up and down in (and chase exploring children around!) easily is a good idea.

And on that last note… don’t panic if your kids want to run around a bit and explore the area – that’s just what kids do! We’ll take care of the posing and angles – all you need to do is have fun and enjoy the experience.

And as always: if there’s something in particular you’d really love to capture, or if there’s something you’re unsure about, just get in touch with us and we can have a chat about it. That’s what we’re here for, and we want to make sure you have an amazing experience – and come away with photographs and artwork pieces that you absolutely love!