The Day of Love

While the history of Valentines Day is a tad dark (Google it!) many of us choose to celebrate the day in one way or another to show our love for those special to us. And although here in little old New Zealand we don’t go all out as our American friends do, we still see shops filled with red and pink, boxes of chocolates strategically placed in shop doorways and florists in full work-around-the-clock mode to ensure there are enough bunches of blooms for even those who had the ‘uh oh’ moment the morning of the 14th Feb.

Working within the photography industry I am blessed to be able to work with couples who’ve just started their journey together, capturing beautiful moments of love in their engagement shoot. I’m honored when I’m asked to photograph their wedding day and it brings me so much joy when these couples return to me sharing happy news of pregnancy and their desires for me to take photos of their gorgeous newborn and capture the love between parent and child. It’s such a special story, and everyone’s is different, but the thing that remains constant is the love and positive energy that these couples exude time after time. I count myself lucky to witness this each and every day in my line of work.

This Valentines Day I will be spending time with my Husband and our two children, continuing on in our own little story of love and life. Who are the loved ones in your life? What story are you writing?

Happy Valentines Day!