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Their capes may not be visible, but they’re most definitely there.

Remember when we fell over and grazed our knees as kids? Sore tummy maybe? Mum’s just know how to fix it in NO TIME!

They even have SUPER STRENGTH … I mean how else can a watermelon manage to fit through such a tiny hole. 

Ever seen a child almost fall down stairs or from a swing  … just watch Mum’s SUPER SPEED kick in to thwart impending disaster.

And let’s not even talk about Mum’s super SPIDEY SENSES! How could she have possibly known it was you who ate that whole block of chocolate? 

OR maybe YOU’RE the Mum with an invisible superhero cape … who also wears a multitude of hats … and would do ANYTHING to simply see a smile on her kids’ faces.

To all the FABULOUS Mums out there … We thank you.

The $690 Mummy & Me Experience

In CELEBRATION of how amazing Mum’s are, Laura Ridley Photography has a special offer just for you. Book a $690 NMummy & Me Photography Experience (valued at $2190) and you will receive:

This is a gift so enduring, you will look back on it for years to come and treasure it. It will be your family’s legacy and become more priceless than anything you could ever buy.

Limited spots available, secure session TODAY.

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