Empowering Things To Say To Yourself

We’ve talked about empowering our children  – but it’s just as important to work on empowering ourselves as well. After all; we’re worth it! There are many ways to empower yourself, to remind yourself of your worth, and speaking affirmations to yourself can be incredibly effective.

Some women like to have these written up where they can see them regularly (bathroom mirror is a good one!). Others may benefit from physically saying them out loud. Whatever works for you is totally OK – it’s about finding what is most effective for you.


Here are some ideas of phrases to empower yourself:


I am worth it

I love myself

I have value

It’s OK to make mistakes

I don’t have to be perfect to be amazing

I am talented

I love my [personality, strength, talent, etc]

I am proud of myself

I can overcome any struggle

I only need to do my best

I deserve to be happy

I am a great [mother, wife, sister, friend, woman]

I am unique, and that makes me special

My opinion matters

My voice is important

I can try again tomorrow

Being imperfect doesn’t make me less worthy

I don’t have to be like anyone else

I am enough


Sometimes it can be hard to believe these things – sometimes it’s unfortunately easier to believe the negative things we tell ourselves! That doesn’t make the negative beliefs true. Try to re-frame your negative thoughts about yourself into something positive. Your opinion matters; and your opinion about yourself matters most of all. You deserve to feel good about yourself, to be proud of yourself! You’re amazing, you’re worthy, you’re ENOUGH. We promise.