We CAN’T WAIT to meet your new baby! 

It is such an honour that you have chosen us as your newborn photographer. We love newborns so much and have 5 kids between us- so be rest assured you are in safe and capable hands.

How long will it take?

We set aside 2 hours for a nweborn session. Our sessions are 100% led by the baby so we stop often to feed & comfort baby as needed.

We offer a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can feel free to just chill out while we photograph your baby.


What to bring

Bring a dummy if you have one, even if baby doesn’t take it often. 
With all the handling throughout a newborn session, it’s really common that they can get a little more unsettled than they would normally. Using a dummy can sometimes just help them drift right back off to sleep without the need for a whole feed.

If you are bottle feeding, please bring 1-2 bottles of a feed or top ups throughout the session.

Bring anything special, sentimental or cultural that you would like to incorporate – we would LOVE to include that.

There is no need to bring any outfits for the baby as we typically photograph them wrapped up, partially wrapped, in cute knitted outfits we have or nude.

Use of props

During our initial consultation, we can discuss the props and colors that are available and what you’d be interested in using during our time.
We can match nursery colors for displaying photos later on your walls, or even incorporate seasonal elements like fall leaves or flowers.
Please take a moment to look through our newborn portfolio for props that are available and let me know in advance if you’ve seen one you’d like me to use.

Our studio has a wide range of outfits, headbands, bonnets and wraps to choose from.

What happens at the end of my session?

Once we are finished, we can either give you coffee vouchers for next door to go and grab a coffe – or head into our design room where you can relax for a short time while we download the photos and bring them into our viewing software. 

Make yourselves comfortable and help yourselves to our snacks on offer. And as always, please feel free and comfortable to feed your baby whenever you need to.

From here we will start your design and ordering portion of your session.